“Chad Beall is not afraid to pour his passion into his music. His piano gives voice to his emotions and the beautifully crafted tracks on his album, ‘Dedications’, displays his musicianship as well as his inner fire.”
~Karen Larson, New Age Music Directer, WERU (Earthtones – Hampden, ME)

“Dedications is a beautiful album. I absolutely love the first track. I am sure a lot of brides and grooms will love to have that sung in their wedding. Good job on the entire album.”
~Kaveh Nikpour, KCSM (91.1 fm San Mateo, CA)

“What a great, full-bodied sound and a dynamic range! A very clean piano sound that our customers like based on comments that we have heard from playing it in our store.”
~Mountain Mystic Trading CO, Washington, DC

“He should be headlining in a packed stadium. These are songs that should be all over radio (on any format within the range of easy listening to top 40)… the piano work is stadium quality.”
~Jerry Tiemann, Music Director, KAFM (88.1 fm Grand Junction, CO)

“We liked that one! It’s different than the same old solo piano stuff that we’ve heard lately. The vocal tracks break it up a bit and give it some flavor.”
~Self Esteem Shop, Royal Oak, MI

“Look out George Winston, Jim Brickman, and Yanni, you’ve got company and his name is Chad Beall.”
~Bhim Kumar-Reyes, The Voice (88.7 fm Sacramento, CA)

“Smart piano player to keep an eye on.”
~Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap

“[Dedications] is an excellent debut, with melodies and enchanting lyrics for those in love!”
~Renee Gelpi, Celebration Starsong (CBC Digital, Toronto, ON)

“Very nice! Good lyrics and good music!”
~Angel’s Loft, East Bridgewater, MA

“He has a nice pop style and feel. A very smooth and enjoyable sound.”
~Dennis Hughes/Share Guide

“(The Song) ‘Dedications’ is a brilliant soulful opener for the stunning piano pieces which follow, each flowing gracefully with melodic chords (into the next)… inviting the listener into a rhythmic, bluesy atmosphere, a perfect set-up for the next vocal and piano compositions. ‘The Park’ is a wonderful blend of piano and instrumentation, followed by two more entrancing pieces perfectly designed to (immerse) the listener into cool vocals and keys.”
~Flyingman Mark Caldwell, WAWL (91.5 fm Chattanooga, TN)