Through Your Eyes


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It’s here! After so many years in the making, Through Your Eyes has been released! After a series of personal tragedies, Chad has picked himself back up and refocused his efforts to continue pursuing his dream and reintroduce himself to his audience with music from Through Your Eyes. Through his joyful and sometimes dark melodies, you hear the struggles he has endured. But Chad puts a positive spin on all that’s happened. “My experiences are no more and no less difficult than what anyone in this world is/has been going through. We are not alone in our struggles. If anything, these experiences allow us to empathize with each other.” I really spent a lot of time with many versions of each song. I had at least 2 or three different arrangements and 2 different pianos. Safe to say, I annoyed Trê and Todd (arrangers) with how long I took to get this CD released! But, in the end, I wanted to make sure that the music and accompaniment told the story that I wanted it to tell. I really feel like I accomplished what I needed to accomplish. I’m proud of this record and can’t wait to share it with the world!”

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