My goal is to communicate with people and give them something to share with each other. I want to encourage my listeners to not only strive to become the best we can be, but also to cherish and care for others. One of my goals is to complement my music with live concerts that showcase the special energy of being both performer and artist so that the audience can tune into the incredible feeling of communicating without words. Today, we live in a world with seemingly endless possibilities for communication. It is my desire to help facilitate a more meaningful form of interpersonal dialog, using music like that from my albums, Dedications and Through Your Eyes.

I have been lucky to be able to collaborate on some really fun projects as well! Todd Kelly, one of my closest friends and fellow musicians, and I composed all of the music for the television show Reggie McDaniel’s Everyday People’s Entertainment Guide. That was extremely fun.

I have also composed numerous pieces for corporations and small businesses looking for musical branding to complement their visual campaigns. In addition to my own compositions, I have produced several albums. One that I am most proud of is Ronnell Bright’s project, Truth, Trust and Patience. He is a legend and the best pianist I have ever seen. He has played with Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, Lena Horne… to only name a few!

Shout out to my man Tré Corley of Oak Tree Productions in Hendersonville, Tennessee! He has been invaluable in ensuring my music reaches its potential. Please click on the credits section below to see my fellow collaborators! Finally, if you enjoy what you hear, please support my music by purchasing CDs or Digital Albums here or at your favorite music venders!

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